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Healthy teeth & gums for dogs and cats.
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Joint Relief to promote joint mobility and flexibility. Eases stiffness safely and naturally.
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For Joints and Bones, help to heal fractures and broken bones.
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An Anti-Inflammatory Cream for RSI related aches and pains.
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A great natural remedy for arthritic like symptoms.
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Help improve cartilage health and lubricate joints this is suitable for Diabetics!
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This tea is suitable for maintenance of good mobility of joints and muscles.
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 Flexicose for Pets

Control your pet's joint pain and stiffness effectively with "Flexicose for Pets" the latest breakthrough in superior quality liquid glucosamine MSM complex.

Flexicose for pets

Liquid Glucosamine(240ml) now available
for your dog, cat or horse.

♦  Gives joint and cartilage protection
♦  Aids flexibility and growth
♦  Relieves stiffness and joint pain
♦  Reduces Inflammation
♦  Gives your pet more mobility and movement
♦  For Pet Arthritis and pain relief

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Help ease your pets joint pain - safely & naturally!

Your family pets can suffer from joint stiffness just like we do, only they can't tell us about their discomfort!

If your pet is in pain they will probably become less playful, move slower and may even be a little aggressive towards you (or to others) especially when handled. They may hide away and generally be less active than they would normally be. Sitting down, getting back up, having difficulty hopping in the car or climbing the stairs, these are all tell tale symptoms that your pet may be having problems.

Flexicose for pets is easy to administer to your pet - no having to get them to swallow tablets! One bottle may even last up to 256 days (8 months) in small pets.

After a week or two, your pet should be more active - it's got to be worth giving it a try!

Pet owner's testimonials

"...I have a 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier with a touch of arthritis and who had torn ligament surgery on her back left leg. I can tell that putting the Flexicose in her food once daily dramatically improves her stamina..."

Robin. B.

"...I purchased the Flexicose for my lab whose name is Licorice. Licorice was having problems getting up and down from a lying position and she would never run and jump. I did some investigating for animal arthritis or hip dysplasia and decided to try the Flexicose, based on it's ingredients. Needless to say my lab, Licorice, is a different dog today. She has no difficulty getting up and down from a sitting or lying position and becomes "froggie" running and jumping around. She truly is a different more happy girl!.."

Deborah-Anne. H.

"...I order Flexicose for my 14 year old cat, who has arthritic front legs. Since I started giving him Flexicose, he has shown much improvement. Of course he still has a bad day every now and then, as we all do, but I can tell a marked improvement in his ability to walk more smoothly..."

Jan. C.

"...I ordered Flexicose for my dog and it has made an unbelieveable difference to the quaility of her life, and I have recommended it anyone who now mentions to me that they suffer from arthritis..."


"...I'm now on my fourth three bottle order. I feel that your product has helped Raine's joints immensely. She gets it every day, and combined with a swimming regimen 2-3 times a week, she hardly ever limps at all anymore. I also have my nine year old Lab on it, she's as active as the two year old, and show no sign of slowing down. Thanks for your product, I truly believe that it has helped my dogs quality of life..."

Sylvia, A, Canada

Typical Signs of Arthritis and Related Conditions for
Cats and Dogs

♦ Lameness
♦ Stiffness
♦ Increased sensitivity to touch or handling
♦ Difficulty climbing stairs
♦ Hiding or disappearing from sight
♦ Whining or making noises for no other reason
♦ Reluctance or slowness in getting up from a lying or sitting position
♦ Marked decline in energy during walks, play or runs.
♦ For smaller dogs, yowling or grumbling when lifted or handled

Pet Flexicose F.A.Q's

Q. Why use high quality ingredients for pets ?

A. Pets are just as important as your family, they are part of it after all. The superior quality glucosamine HCL and sulfate contained in Flexicose, along with the 12 additional synergistic ingredients that are designed to decrease pain, improve flexibility and cartilage protection, make this an amazing pet joint formula. Your pet does deserve the care that the rest of the family gets!

Q. What type of pets will Flexicose work for ?

A. It is effective for many different types of animals. It has been successfully used on common animals such as cats, dogs and horses. It is also effective for osteochondrosis, knee, elbow and hip dysplasia in pets. (Do not feed to cattle or other ruminants)

Q. How long before I can see an improvement ?

A. Most people can see an improvement in their pet after just a week or two.
Q. Why Flexicose over other pet formulas ?

A. As Flexicose is a liquid is so easy to administer and its absorption is fast, complete and more effective. It also contains other important vitamins.


Pet Dosage Chart

Pet's Weight
Total Doses

Suggested Daily Dose

0 - 10 lbs
256 Doses
1/32 oz (.2 tsp)
10 - 40 lbs
128 Doses
1/16 oz (.4 tsp)
40 - 100 lbs
64 Doses
1/8 oz (.75 tsp)
100+ lbs
32 Doses
1/4 oz (1.5 tsp)

(Note: Do not feed to cattle or other ruminants)

Store at 15 - 30 deg C (59 - 86 deg F)
Keep out of the reach of children.

Pet Supplement Facts

Guaranteed Analysis
Serving Size: Varies
Servings Per Container:Varies

Guaranteed Amount Per 1/4 oz
Crude Protein                                                       min. 0%
Crude Fat                                                      min. 0%
Crude Fibre                                                   max. 0%

   Manganese                                                  0.7 mg

Vitamins and Others
   Vitamin A                                                  1,250 IU
   Vitamin C                                                      15 mg
   Vitamin E                                                     7.5 IU
Flexicose Joint Blend
   Glucosamine HCL & Sulfate                            1500 mg
   Chondroitin Sulfate                                        120 mg

Ingredients: Water, glucosamine HCI, fructose, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, natural and artificial flavours, polysorbate 80, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid, tartaric acid, caramel colour, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, aloe vera inner leaf gel concentrate, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, manganese sulfate, sucralose, methylsulfonylmethane, omega 3 fatty acids (7.5% EPA and DHA), retinyl palmitate, acesulfame potassium, niacinamide, yucca root, bromelain, Boswellia serrata resin extract and FD&C blue # 1.


Order Flexicose today and give your pet back its mobility.

Flexicose for pets

Liquid Glucosamine(240ml) now available
for your dog, cat or horse.

♦  Gives joint and cartilage protection
♦  Aids flexibility and growth
♦  Relieves stiffness and joint pain
♦  Reduces Inflammation
♦  Gives your pet more mobility and movement
♦  For Pet Arthritis and pain relief

Our price £19.50

~ In stock and ready to ship from the UK today! ~



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