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Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine

Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine

Liquid Joint Care

  • Increases flexibility & joint mobility
  • Helps improve cartilage health and lubricate joints
  • Promotes joint protection and growth
  • Reduces inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Maintains healthy joints cartilage and connective tissues.
  • Helps joints from incurring further damage
  • Recommended for arthritis and Knee pain relief
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(32 day supply @ 1500mg per day)

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Get your life back with Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine

Millions of people suffer with joint discomfort and pain. Joint stiffness, sore achy joints, sprained ligaments, strained tendons or cartilage degeneration.

Life does not need to be like this as you could significantly ease your pain by giving this a try.

Without harmful drugs, your joints will feel as alive as they did when you were a teenager. You'll soon be feeling younger again, and you can enjoy your favourite sport again, go for that walk or jog, even do the gardening, there will be no holding you back !

Most Flexicose users find that they have a significant drop in joint discomfort in only 1 to 2 weeks!

Are you diabetic or hypoglycemic?

There is a new vanilla flavour version of Flexicose which is suitable for diabetics and hypoglycemics - please see FlexicosePlus.

Why do my joints hurt or ache ?

Your body naturally produces Glucosamine, which is the main foundation for cartilage (the cushioning between your joints!) but as we get older our bodies produce less glucosamine.

The less glucosamine that you have, the less cartilage that you have. With reduced cartilage the chances of bone rubbing against bone will become higher, which can result in excruciating pain!

Severe discomfort, soreness and even impaired mobility is suffered by millions because of this.

By using Flexicose high quality Liquid Glucosamine as a supplement you no longer need to suffer with poor joint health!

Flexicose helps ease your joint pain - safely & naturally

Flexicose is not just another pain killer but a concentrated formula designed for Joint cartilage protection, flexibility and growth. It works by repairing the damage from within ie it actually helps rebuild the cartilage and therefore heals the cause of the pain.

A complete dietary supplement breakthrough

Most glucosamine products are only available in pill or capsule form but this new liquid formula helps your body absorb it faster and more completely. Also Flexicose does not contain wheat, starch, dairy or table salt. (which all take away 30% of the glucose).

Flexicose combines high-quality liquid glucosamine with a unique blend of 14 synergistic ingredients that is quite simply not found in any other product on the market today.

What do Flexicose customers Say ?

Much of Flexicose's initial success is due to word of mouth advertising. There are thousands upon thousands of Flexicose users all around the globe that take Flexicose each day and are having remarkable success! In a sample survey of over 1,400 Flexicose customers Flexicose has been given a whopping 98% success rate!

Flexicose Testimonial's

"...My husband purchased Flexicose not for himself, but for me. I have recently (past 6 months) developed joint pain in my hands, but have had chronic pain in my right knee and right elbow. I was extremely sceptical of the Flexicose, but after just two months, I noticed a considerable change. I have now been taking Flexicose for four months, and I am practically pain free! I don't let a day go by without taking it..."

Kim L.

"...Since starting to take your product on 15th January, my 83 yr old father-in-law has found great relief from the pain of his arthritis. In fact, it is nothing short of miraculous, especially in the last three weeks. Previously, he was unable to get a full night's sleep without using strong painkillers and had extreme difficulty with the stairs. When my husband visited him this week, he was up a ladder painting the front of the house! Seeing these results, my mother-in-law has now started taking Flexicose, so I will be ordering more frequently..."

Denise B.

"...Thank you so much for posting the Flexicose to me. I have been using it daily, (except for the odd day when I forget!) I think this may be because the creaking has stopped in my knees now, or I’m no longer reminded of the problem so it’s definitely working. In fact I’d like to place an order for another two more bottles..."

Gill B.

"...I've been using Flexicose now for about a month. It has made a definite improvement to my knee joints. I am 58 years old and have suffered joint pain for about two years, sometimes barely able to walk, over the last two weeks I have been able walk and stand with little pain for sometimes up to an hour or more, this is very promising and I hope it will continue to improve, thanks for a great product..."

Ray R.

"...I feel that the liquid form of arthritis relief in flexicose is more potent that the powder form I was taking. I feel more mobile and there is less pain..."

Jim. K.

"...I am pleased to tell you that my arthritic problems which were primarily in both knees and in my left hand have been significantly reduced since taking Flexicose. I can now walk 12,000 extra steps a day, quite a lot of which is over rough terrain, with no difficulty and have considerably less stiffness. I am 64..."

Fred. S.

"...My knee has improved significantly. Less pain, more mobility. I feel looseness or fluid movement in that knee, just like the good knee. Less stiffness. I expected, and hoped I would get some results in a month or two, but I started to feel a big difference after the first two weeks. It seems to be working."

Anthony C.

Important Factors when taking Glucosamine

When it comes to what form of Glucosamine you should use, there are two important factors to consider. The form and the size !

The Form

Creams : An absolute waste of money. They have 0% absorption rate. It should be noted that most creams do not even claim to give you 1500mg per dose anyway.

Pills : Not a great alternative either. Pills contain Glucosamine that is bound to many extraneous fillers and stabilizers and is difficult for the body to process and digest.

Liquids : Contain homogenized PURE Glucosamine, without the wasteful binders and fillers. This leads to far greater absorption more relief, less waste and MUCH BETTER RESULTS!

The Size

Less than 1500mg of Glucosamine and your product is not likely to be as effective as a full 1500mg dose, despite whatever its other ingredients are!


When it comes to arthritis relief, or joint discomfort, get the correct dose. A vast majority of clinical studies have been done and they advise that a 1500mg is to be recommended.

FLEXICOSE Liquid JointCare has the full *1500mg* of liquid GLUCOSAMINE a day to ensure MAXIMUM RELIEF!!

Main Ingredients

Warning: Do not take this product if you are allergic to shellfish. If you are on heart medication, pregnant or breastfeeding please check with your doctor before taking.

Amount per serving% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrates3g1% *
Sugar1gnot established
Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate)1250 IU25%
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)15 mg25%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate)7.5 IU25%
Manganese (as manganese sulphate)0.7 mg35%
Glucosamine HCI and Sulfate1,500 mgnot established
Chondroitin Sulfate120 mgnot established
Flexibility ComplexTM. Aloe Vera gel, MSM,omega 3 fatty acids, (7.5% EPA and DHA), niacinamide, yucca root, bromelain, Boswellia serrata resin extract.1,600 mgnot established

* Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Are you diabetic or hypoglycemic? Please see FlexicosePlus.

Dosage Chart


Total Doses

45.35 to 99.8 kg

(7.1 to 14.3 st)

32 Doses

over 99.8 kg

(over 14.3 st)

16 Doses

Flexicose Liquid JointCare is easy to swallow and has a grape like taste. Contains NO starch, wheat, dairy or table salt.

(Refrigerate after opening).

Each serving contains just 10 calories!


Q. What does Flexicose taste like?

A. Flexicose has a pleasant grape flavour and a wonderful grape smell. Most people drink Flexicose directly but some choose to mix it with their favourite drink or take at a specified time during the day such as lunch or dinner. Some favourite combinations are surprisingly enough, Flexicose and Coke® or Flexicose and Orange Juice. Because Flexicose is not glycerin based, it mixes quickly and thoroughly with any drink. It is easy to take Flexicose. Simply remove the cap over the small reservoir and squeeze until it fills up to the desired line.

Q. Does Flexicose have any side effects?

A. It is very well tolerated by most people. Do not take if you are allergic to shellfish, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should always inform your doctor of any drugs or supplements that you do take to minimise any possible interaction. In the 22 years that glucosamine has been studied there have been no major side effects reported. It is considered generally very safe.

Q. Can Flexicose cure my arthritis?

A. As you know, arthritis is a horrible condition but it unfortunately currently has no cure. There is no product out there that can cure your arthritis, and while Flexicose is able to help significantly, it cannot cure your arthritis. That said, if you struggle with joint pain, Flexicose will still do wonders for you and help ease your pain.

Q. What dose should I take?

A. We recommend that you take a double the daily dose (e.g. take ½ oz per day) for the first two weeks. (½ oz is the same as 1 tablespoon). After the first two weeks you should take the normal dose, (¼ oz) everyday. You can take Flexicose anytime of the day and you do not need to spread out the dose for Flexicose to be effective.

Q. How do I use the bottle?


Q. How long do I have to take Flexicose for? Can I reduce the dosage over time?

A. Like a cut, your body does not heal itself instantly. Flexicose can be taken at double the recommended dosage for the first two weeks to “jump start” cartilage repair and pain reduction and then for 4 – 6 months you should take it at the regular dose. After that, some – but not all - people find they are able to drop down to a maintenance dose of half of the labelled dose per day. If you are experiencing relief with your current dose then there is often little reason to cut back because the soothing ingredients in Flexicose are continually keeping your joints bathed in a protective fluid and working to prevent further damage to your joints. Because you are constantly using and wearing down your joints, it is recommended to prevent further deterioration that you continue taking Flexicose.

Q. What does the Glucosamine in Flexicose do?

A. Technically it is a form of amino acid that plays a major part in cartilage formation. Glucosamine stimulate the production of water-binding glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, two essential building blocks of cartilage and also inhibits the production of chondrocytes, enzymes that break down cartilage. Glucosamine also appears to suppress the destructive enzymes collagenase and phospholipase. In effect, supplementing with Glucosamine is akin to giving your body the raw materials it needs to promote healthy cartilage - but naturally. It helps to form tendon, ligaments, cartilage and nails. Glucosamine has so few side effects primarily because it is already a natural component of the body. The only problem with glucosamine is that its natural production in the body seems to fade with time, injury and aging. Supplementing with glucosamine can help replace the deficit and restore the proper glucosamine balance. Fortunately with the modern miracles of technology and science, supplemental liquid glucosamine has been shown to help possibly slow the process of joint deterioration all while relieving your discomfort. Flexicose contains superior quality liquid glucosamine as well as 12 other synergistic ingredients.

Q. What does Chondroitin do?

A. Chondroitin Sulfate is a component of cartilage. In molecular terms, it is a gigantic molecule, mainly composed of repeated chains of glucosamine sulfate. Because of this, it functions in a way that is similar to glucosamine. Many of the clinical studies with chondroitin utilized injected forms of chondroitin, something we imagine you would prefer to avoid on a daily basis. Fortunately, because Flexicose is a liquid, our chondroitin sulfate boasts a higher bioavailability and quicker absorption than mere solid tablets or capsules. Remember those low absorption rates with pills? The chondroitin, just like the 13 other specially formulated ingredients in every dose of Flexicose, helps the glucosamine do its job better.

Q. What does MSM do?

A. MSM, also known as methylsulfonylmethane, is a major supplier of sulfur, the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. In animal studies, joints affected by pain have lower sulfur content. Mice with joint pain, when given MSM, experience less joint deterioration. The results of a preliminary double-blind trial stated that patients with joint pain found that MSM reduced discomfort after six weeks. MSM is generally regarded as an additional "helper" against joint discomfort, but is best combined with other more powerful ingredients such as Glucosamine.

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Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine

Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine

Liquid Joint Care

  • Increases flexibility & joint mobility
  • Helps improve cartilage health and lubricate joints
  • Promotes joint protection and growth
  • Reduces inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Maintains healthy joints cartilage and connective tissues.
  • Helps joints from incurring further damage
  • Recommended for arthritis and Knee pain relief
Our price £19.50

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(32 day supply @ 1500mg per day)

~ In stock, and ready to ship from the UK today! ~

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